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Agua De Sedona

Agua De Sedona

Agua De Sedona

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Sedona Spirit Water
Purification Intention Protection
100% Pure & Natural


Eau De Toilette - available in 10 ml & 30 ml, Spray & Roller

Alchemized with love in Sedona, AZ, Agua De Sedona is a divine plant elixir to anoint, protect and cleanse. With notes of citrus and sweet floral finishing to a woodsy musk, its smell hearkens back to a fresh spring morning in a high desert red rock arroyo. It is The Spirit of Sedona in a Bottle. 

Each mindfully crafted batch is infused with the very essence of Red Rock Country, making Agua de Sedona the quintessential local, handcrafted, artisan perfume of Sedona. Designed as a unisex blend, we offer this potion to all in the spirit of enhancing and elevating one's daily practice of intention, meditation and exploring the realms of spirit. 

Key notes: grapefruit, ylang ylang, jasmine, cedarwood, vetiver


The Rose Blend Eau De Parfum - available in 10ml Roller

This sweet, uplifting and complex floral blend is rose forward with subtle notes of sweet citrus, vetiver and frankincense and presents a sweeter, more feminine energy. It is the Spring Essence of Sedona in a Bottle.

Made with premium therapeutic grade essential oils and organic fractionated coconut oil.

Key Notes: Rose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense 

The Forest Blend Hair Tonic - Available in 30 ml dropper bottle

Agua de Sedona "The Forest Blend" Hair Tonic serves as a daily fragrance, is a healthy natural additive for all hair types and beards and is a grounding accompaniment to meditation practice.  Moisturizing and rich with Vitamin E and Omega-3, the blend is earthy and woodsy with notes of forest pine, cypress and juniper and sweet citrus on top.

TO USE: Apply one to two droppers to rub on hair, beard or chakra points.

Key Notes: Cedarwood, Pine, Cypress, Frankincense 


Apotheca is located at 2301 W. State Route 89A, right next to Synergy in West Sedona. Events space is through the herbs store.

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