Joseph Greywolf

Native American Rattles by Joseph Greywolf

Native American Rattles by Joseph Greywolf

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Rattles made by Sedona Native American elder and artisan Joseph Greywolf. 

Gourds are grown locally by the Hopi Nation, lanyards fashioned from deer leather. Handles made with Diamond Willow wood.

Turkey feathers. "The ground Eagle - connection to Mother Earth."

Each color bead represents a different sacred area of life.

Red - Spirit road

Blue - Physical road

White - Purity

Orange - Creativity/ Sacral

Green - Growth

"While the drum connects us to the Heartbeat, to the Heartbeat of the Earth, the rattle is shaking stuff off." - Joseph Greywolf, Native American Elder.


Apotheca is located at 2301 W. State Route 89A, right next to Synergy in West Sedona. Events space is through the herbs store.

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