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Happy New Year from Apotheca and Synergy

Dear Friends, Patrons & Community Members, Near and Far,

Wishing you the VERY BEST for the new year of 2023 and beyond. Way to go - We made it! Sierra here, sending you a bit more of a personal message than usual, so... when you have a moment, read on for the free chocolate as promised...

June 6th of this year marks 6 YEARS OF SYNERGY, May 15th the 1st anniversary of Apotheca. Hallelujah, we've survived the first year and the 5th year simultaneously of two businesses and we are still here to tell the tale! Truly, it has and continues to be a spectacular journey. Throughout all ups and downs, through all kinds of weather, it is all thanks to you, our dedicated patrons and friends, that make it all possible.

Our New Years Resolution as an establishment is fundamentally the same as it is everyday we open the door - to continue to serve the world as an eco-friendly, community-oriented, heart-centered business, aiming to provide a place of healthy bliss to your every sense. We plan to be here, creating that for you many years to come. In the changing face of the business world, if you aren't growin', they say, then the business is dyin'. That's why we hope you will still come along with us on a continuous, and exciting evolution, the journey through change toward improvement, and to have some patience with us as we prepare the best dang mocha you ever tasted in your life. (As we figure out how to make that OG hand-crafted goodness quickly without skimping on the quality.) Believe me, we've been working on that for years...

We are looking forward to yet another wonderful year to come at Synergy and now, at Apotheca. Most of all we look forward to seeing your smiling faces as we continue serving you with only the best- the finest of all organic, cane-sugar free, dairy-free, GMO-free, eco-friendly, fair-trade wherever possible, soy-free, carrageenan-free, and veg/vegan goodness money can buy.

Coming on 6 years, we have never compromised on the luxurious level of quality we are committed to. I know it does cost a little more - If you are ever dissatisfied with any purchase here, we will remake, replace or refund at the mere mention. We remain committed to your complete satisfaction. That is something I can promise will never change about Synergy, a commitment which has tripled in size, but will never diminish in quality, no matter how much we grow.

On a personal note from me, after so much time I'd like to say a little about why I'm still standing here, plugging away at much of the same thing, year after year. It is often a sacrifice, a labor of love. It is the offering of the toil, the dedicating, and then the celebrating - Far from perfect, it is the ever-striving.... While I've worked in a few industries, above all, I specifically chose the oftentimes hard-knocks food and bev service industry. Why? Aside from still absolutely loving the hustle bustle of it all - It is because I get an immediate gratification with each and every one of yours, from the first sip or the first bite to the last, or from the immediate pain relief from the first sample of the CBD Salve I created, or to hear that your sleep has improved from the "Sweet Sleep", or your stomach ache is gone from "Tummy Tonic." Or that you LOVED the concert, or learned so much from the herb class (next one is tomorrow by the way)... Even just to see the community dancing at a party.

Bliss is one of those things that is shared - yours becomes mine and mine becomes yours. Even if only from our one small corner of the world, if the team and the community here at Synergy and Apotheca is able to shine one little spark of light on what can sometimes be a dark world out there, then we are enacting our collective mission and our purpose into reality. And we must always strive to do it better, to serve more, learn more, do more, include more, to continuously become our greatest version and to help others to do the same. We will never get there, yet... we are already there. I've found it to be the nature of business, reflecting the nature of life. While I've often forgotten to enjoy the journey along the way, I recently had the opportunity to travel internationally for the first time in a long time. What I learned is this - That both laughter and tears are universal no matter where you are in the world. And that the smile truly does and always will remain the most highly contagious element of humanity, no matter what the years to come may bring. Happy New Year, to You and to All Your Relations.

Now, if you've gotten through this whole long hullabaloo of a letter, thank you for reading- Come on in and have a Happy-New-Year-we're-still-here free chocolate on me. Just mention that you read the newsletter :) Perhaps you can enjoy your chocolate while you check out some or all of Candus' herb class or sip a free sample of Amrita's Milk and Honey elixirs. (That's tomorrow, noon to 6 events by the way...)


Sierra Rae

Founder, Community Conduit, Musician

Synergy & Apotheca

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