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Synergy and Apotheca in Sedona, A Kaleidoscope of Events

Apotheca’s Kaleidoscope of Events

While our storefront brims with all your artisan wellness and self-care needs, 100’s of bulk herbs, capsules and potions, and a beautiful selection of crystals, jewelry and metaphysical objects to enhance your physical life - our adjacent events space provides a balm for the soul, creating a serene atmosphere from the outside world.

Whether you're a local or a visitor to Sedona, Apotheca serves as a community center, a space offering a wealth of experiences to enrich your time in Sedona. Synergy Cafe and Apotheca sister stores - are indeed reflections of the community’s spirit – vibrant, welcoming, and deeply connected to the unique landscape of the region.

Rivers Run Wild Concert in Apotheca's Performance Space at Synergy

Performance Space

In addition to wellness and spiritual growth, Sedona boasts a flourishing music, arts and comedy scene that thrives in spaces like Apotheca. In our performance space, you'll find that the 2nd and 4th Thursdays are a special treat for theater and comedy enthusiasts. Performances range from classic to avant-garde, in a celebration of the arts that nurtures the creative spirit of the community.

The event space also hosts Saturday night engaging open mics, providing a platform for local musicians, poets, and comedians to showcase their talents. All events offer a glimpse into the vast and diverse artistic pool of Sedona, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection among participants and audience alike. 

Le Fay Recording Studios

Le Fay Recording Studios, located next to the stage in Apotheca’s event space, is a local gem. It offers state-of-the-art recording facilities for musicians and artists, making professional music production accessible to the local community. The studio, with its advanced equipment and expert guidance, has been instrumental in honing local and visiting talent to produce quality music that reflects the soul of Sedona.

Whether it's a live performance, a night of theater, or a chance to record your own music, Apotheca’s vibrant events and arts scene truly has something for everyone. The town’s spirit of inclusiveness and creativity is palpable in the spaces, reflecting the essence of this unique community.

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Community gathering in Apotheca, Sedona community get involved!

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